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A Working Mom Tip: How to be Happier at Work

Me, chairing a meeting @work
For some working moms their dissatisfaction with their jobs is the cause of the dissatisfaction with their lives. Finding a new job may be the long term solution. However, that often takes time. You could choose to be miserable until your circumstances change. However, that would likely make you unpleasant and grouchy mama. So, the question becomes--What can you do to be happier at work, in your current job now?

Whether you work because you want to or work because you have to you might as well have a good time doing it. In case you need a little help becoming happier at work I have included an article for your perusal below.

Below is a link to an article published in Fast Company that contains seven tips to help you change your mindset, instantly. Check it out. The potential benefits are huge. If you're happier at work you'll be happier at home. Ultimately, you'll be a better mom and teach your kids that life--work and leisure--is to be enjoyed not endured...

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