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Wordless Wednesday: Fighting Colds...

We have been battling colds in my house for the better part of a month. Some people battle colds gracefully. I tend to be filled with so much mucus that I wind up coughing like I am hacking up a lung and blowing my nose like I am an incubus of the plague. 

Indeed, last week I attended a meeting where people nearly sprayed me with Lysol! Someone had the nerve to ask me, "Are you sick?" I resisted the urge to say no, all of this tissue around me is merely a fashion statement!

The entire thing has been an ordeal, especially since we have been fighting it using a series of fairly ineffective homeopathic options. I think that our daughter picked up some germs at Kindergarten and they have been circulating throughout our house and now Andre has it. I know that we will all recover, but until we do, have pity on us. This photo really captures it...

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