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Come to the Mom Con This Weekend!

This weekend there will be an incredible event in Pittsburgh for moms called, “The Mom Con”. The Mom Con is designed to empower, inspire and connect modern moms. Having been a part of it for the past three years, I can tell you that it’s true.

The Mom Con was started by Natalie Kovacic who partnered with Nicole Mildren to conduct this amazing event. Professionally, the event has been a way for me to network, make connections and expand my speaking career. Personally, it has been a way to make new friends.

I am honored to be a part of the event once again. I am conducting a workshop along with another lawyer, Erica Laughlin, entitled, “From Hot Mess to Hot Mom”. The session will help the participants transform their lives by becoming more intentional about how they work and how they parent. The participants will also learn how to apply the proper "d.i.e.t." to achieve success. (D): Define what success means for them at work and at home; (I): Identify ways to make their lives easier; (E): Effectively manage feelings of guilt; and (T): Take care of themselves.

I’d love to see you there. Click here to register for the event!
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