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Thursday Thoughts: How Motherhood Can Supercharge Your Career

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Because I am passionate about issues involving working moms, I am constantly in search of information about how other mothers are able to balance working and mothering. There's a lot out there. However, there isn't a ton of material about how motherhood became a career asset. For that reason, I was excited to come across the below Tedx Talk  by Gesine Thomas, an internationally recognized Architect and Speaker, who discusses how motherhood supercharged her career.

Before listening to this talk, I hadn't previously thought about how motherhood had benefited me professionally. However, upon reflection, I realize that motherhood has made me more confident, more brave, more focused, a better planner, and an excellent strategist. In a word, motherhood has made me better and that has benefited my career in spades. 

Below are five ways that motherhood has benefited me professionally.

  1. Motherhood has made me more confident. Having endured drug-free childbirth, twice, really made me feel like I could do anything.
  2. Motherhood has made me more brave. Before becoming a mom, I was more passive. However, as a mom, I have the responsibility for ensuring that my children are safe and have what they need. There is nothing I wouldn't do to make that happen. That means I advocate for myself in the workplace to get paid what I am worth and to have a schedule that works for my family. 
  3. Motherhood has made me more focused. I used to waste a lot of time. Now, I get to the core issue more quickly because I know that every moment wasted is time I don't get to spend with my kids.
  4. Motherhood has made me a better planner. Every mom that I know, including me has discovered that having a well-stocked diaper bag can help avert most disasters. The same is true at work. Accordingly, I generally have everything in my purse-- extra pens, highlighters, a jump drive, money, a snack and even a toy. The truth is the toy was snuck in there by one of my kids, but it has served to amuse me when colleagues are late to meetings!
  5. Motherhood has made me an excellent strategist.  As a working mom, the only way to get everything done is by always thinking about what has to be done next. That way, you can sneak in grocery shopping if a meeting ends early, file your nails in a parking lot, or complete thank you notes in your doctor's waiting room. I apply the same skill at work. When things are presented in meetings, I keep our company values and long-term goals in mind and try to lead the discussion so we get there efficiently. There's no time to waste!
Gesine is an engaging speaker and her description about how motherhood was a career asset is inspiring. Let me know your thoughts about her talk and how motherhood has improved your career!

Tedx Talk  by Gesine Thomas

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