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More Holiday Memories from a Working Mom

Good times with family and friends on Christmas Eve

As I mentioned, in my prior post, this holiday season I have given myself the gift of time and fellowship. Here are some more photos about my holiday memories. I have to say that making memories takes commitment and intention, You have to work for it and have the help of those who are on this quest with you. My partner-in-crime is my mom.

Christmas Eve

Through the years, I have criticized my mom for a lot of things. I've probably done this because it's my nature and criticizing our parents is part of a rite passage. That said, I have to give my mom credit for working hard to help us have a strong Christmas tradition. For as long as I can remember, my family has had a party on Christmas Eve that includes our family and closest friends. We even did it, although on a much smaller scale, the year that my grandmother got out of a nursing home  on Christmas Eve.

Parties make the holidays more special

This year, my mom came through like a champ. She not only hosted her annual party. She helped me host Christmas dinner and an open house. We did it with the help of my sister, my husband, and my dear brother who actually transported the Christmas dinner to our home in his car. When you're a working mom, it takes an entire family to make the holidays special.

Below is a photo of the first party I hosted to kick off the holiday season. It was a convening of neighborhood moms and kids and it was a wonderful way to begin what has become a season of parties!
Some moms getting a head start on the holidays
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