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There's Still Time to Make a Working Mom's Dream Come True

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." -Alvin and The Chipmunks
Christmas is about miracles and was just a few days ago. However, it’s possible that you haven’t yet bought a gift for your favorite working mom. Or perhaps you got her a present and it was underwhelming. For example, the primary gift I got for my husband was an epic fail. So, I am in the process of finding a “do over” option. I have learned that “creative” gifts are a risk. Instead, meet an obvious need. Meeting that need will be appreciated!

Working Moms Need More Sleep

If you’re in this predicament, here’s an idea.
Chances are your favorite working mom is in dire need of a nap. Recently, USA Today published the results of Tommee Tippee’s Parent On poll revealed that moms crave the following:

  1. 42% cited the one thing they’d like as a mom of kids under 6 is "more sleep".
  2. 13% of moms indicated that they would love to “grow an extra set of hands” (13%)
  3. 13% of moms would also like to magically acquire telepathic powers to better understand their baby's needs.

For more results about the poll, click here

The great news is you can make her dreams come true. You can watch her kids, clean her house, or run some errands. These things are the equivalent of taking things off of her plate and will allow her to get more sleep and giving her an extra set of hands. Feel no trepidation about it, I would accept that offer of help from anybody I know. I am not too proud. I am not too ashamed. I would be grateful and so would every other working mom I know. As far as the telepathy goes, it comes in due time. All moms understand their children better each day. 
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