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Working Moms, Pursue Fun This Holiday Season...

Baby having fun at blogging event

Facebook has devolved in to a repository of selfies, photos of food and feet, and people promoting the picture perfect aspects of their lives. There’s a phrase my girl Nicole Mildren of Champagne to Crayons uses called, “Facebook Fake”. It refers to the false aspect of what we see on Facebook. It’s not that the images are fabricated. It is that they only reflect a fraction of what occurs in someone’s life. Every once in a while, I read something on Facebook that relates to working moms and want to share them with the readers of this blog.

Working Moms, Life is More Than Work and Family

This morning, as I was sipping tea and planning my day, I visited my friend, Kristy Trautmann’s Facebook Page. Kristy is the CEO of the FISA Foundation. I got to know her through my board service and over the course of time we became friends. Personally, Kristy is a wife and a mother and cares passionately about women. Today, I read an article that Kristy posted a link to an article that really got me thinking. It was entitled, “The Question You Should be Asking at Holiday Parties”. The point of the article was that women tend to allow our obligations to consume us and forget to include fun in our lives.

Bowling with the family...

Working Moms, What We Do for Fun Matters

It served as a good reminder. Last night, my husband insisted that the family go bowling. I didn’t want to go because I don’t like bowling and I had a lot of things I was planning to do. I had been out all day with the kids at the museum and attending a blogging event and had my evening planned. My husband specializes in the spontaneous and I’m often resistant to it. I must admit that although I don't love bowling any more than I did previously, I did enjoy spending time with my brood engaging in an activity my husband really enjoys.
Bowling was the best colossal waste of time I ever experienced...
After reading the article, I remembered the importance of fun. Life is more than working and being productive. What we do for the pure joy of it matters too. Kristy, thanks for the reminder.

So, consistent with the article, “What do you do for fun?!”

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