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Wonderful Wednesday: Enjoying the Snow #Snowmageddon16

Baby in the snow #Snowmageddon

Like many on the East Coast who were buried in snow last weekend, my family decided to get out and enjoy it. We were not as adventurous as some of those who chose to go "swimming". We took a more traditional path. We went sledding!

We had some hiccups along the way though. The snow came on Saturday and my daughter was crazy about going sledding that day. Unfortunately, we were unable to go...


You Can't Go Sledding Without a Snowsuit and Boots

Her mother had not purchased her a new snowsuit and the only one for her in the house was for an 18 month old. I felt terrible about that because the baby actually had an appropriately sized, rather cute snowsuit that I had purchased a few weeks ago. (As an older child, I can attest that parents often neglect the needs of their older children... :-)) 

Me and the kids

To add insult to injury, she had also lost one of her water proof boots at school the previous Friday. (Did I mention that it was a Polo boot???) 

In any event, we were not at all prepared to go sledding officially on Saturday. So, instead, I just pulled the kids around the yard. 

When You disappoint Your Kids, You Should Make Up For It

Not going sledding down a hill on Saturday invited tears and hysteria. So, we made up for our lame Saturday sledding by buying her some boots and snow pants and went sledding on Sunday. Fortunately, Marshall's was having a huge clearance sale and I scored boots for $13.00 a pair, which balanced the full priced snow pants Andre picked up for her at Durham's...

The kids on the hill

All is well that ends well. As the photos indicate, this ended very well. We were out sledding for hours. Both kids enjoyed the outing. We also learned that the baby actually turns out to be a real dare devil. He kept asking to go again, again and again.  The fun was priceless!

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