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Working Mom Advice From a Material Girl

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“Its (sic) possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!!!” she wrote on the post. “Too bad we don’t live in a society where many encourage strong independent single working moms!” Madonna, Instagram.
Sometimes I forget that Madonna is a working mom, it might be her abs of steel, well developed biceps, and legs to die for. Still, it’s true. She is a working mom.

Madonna has the same challenges as any working mom 

Madonna works and works hard. There is no knocking her hustle. Her tour last year was epic and the fact that she fell down the stairs and got up singing is what legends are made of. However, she is a mom. She is a single mom, which means even with her resources, she has the challenge of making her children feel loved and cared for without the assistance of a spouse who lives with her.

Although she has the luxury of having everything that money can buy. She also has the stress that comes with trying to meet the needs of four children and accomplish her career goals. Based on her recent Instagram post, she'd been facing some criticism of her choices. 

Our society should encourage strong, independent working moms. 

I'm not defending Madonna's parenting choices. For one, I am old enough to remember that she used to writhe around on stage declaring that she was "like a virgin" while she touched herself in sexually explicit ways. The other thing is, I don't know her and have no comment about whether she has been a present, caring mother. That said, her comment is relevant. 

Our society should encourage strong, independent working moms and not judge them harshly. The assumption should not be that working makes you less of a mom. Whether you work outside of the home or not, even if you are an international super star, you are a full time mother. 

We also need to expand the parenting discussion beyond what mothers do or don't do well. Instead, we need to view any neglect or misdeeds as collective parenting fails made by the parenting unit that includes a mom and a dad, even when the parents are divorced. Judging mothers for not meeting their children's needs presumes that doing so is solely their responsibility and that is not true. 

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