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In 2016, Working Moms Should Be Inspired by Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mistake

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“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” Oprah Winfrey

Since Steve Harvey’s foul up at the Miss Universe pageant last month has been trending on Twitter, a hot topic on Facebook and news shows, and inspired a slew of memes, I am sure you’ve heard about it. If not, here’s what happened. The affable Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of the pageant and they literally had to take the crown off of the first runner up (Miss Colombia) and place it on the head of the true winner (Miss Philippines). It was an epic mistake and one that will be discussed for years to come. However, the earth is still spinning. The sun still rises. And, Steve Harvey still got paid...

Steve Harvey’s Lesson for Working Moms

While I feel for Steve Harvey, I am inspired and you should be too. Despite the number of Super Soul Sunday episodes we watch and how many affirmations we recite, a lot of us, including me, fail to seek opportunities because we are afraid of what might happen. We play over the options in our heads and decide that the "risk" is simply too high. We are afraid of risking our reputations, our status or our fresh hair do. 

So, what’s the lesson in Steve Harvey’s epic fail for working moms? Am I saying that we should prepare to fail miserably, publicly, and famously damn the consequences??? No. I am saying that we should take more chances. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

Like Steve, we may try something and it might not go perfectly. We might even fail. However, chances are, we won’t make as public of a mistake as Steve Harvey did. (However, I don't think that we should lose sight of the fact that just hosting the Miss Universe pageant is a huge career high.) Even if we do mess up like Steve, we’ll still get paid and have a story to tell!

Besides, a career is judged on a body of work not on one event. Right now, people are laughing at Steve Harvey. The internet is a buzz. And the memes are hilarious. That said, eventually this too shall pass. He's talented and will likely turn this event into a long term win. 

When You Make a Mistake Acknowledge it and Move On

One thing that we can all admire is how Steve Harvey handled the mistake. He immediately acknowledged it, attempted to correct it and took responsibility. (To hear what he has to say about it, click here.) If we keep challenging ourselves we too will have missteps. Indeed, the only path to perfection is to do nothing. Doing nothing is a recipe for failure. So, this year, I intend to accept opportunities that will give me an opportunity to shine while recognizing that I might also fall on my face. I'm so excited!!!

So, what do plan to try in 2016?!
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