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A Career in Real Estate Might be the Secret to Work/Life Balance (#NorthwoodForMoms)

No one can have it all. But plenty of women raise children and have careers. That said, as I have often shared on this blog, doing both well can be very challenging in today's work environment. Because of my work as a blogger and speaker, I have attended many events for female layers where the topic of balance has been discussed. I have to say that discussing balance among lawyers is like trying to engage in a conversation about choice with Evangelicals… It is a tough conversation.

At these events, some women were married. Some had children. And some were contemplating both. All of the women had the luxury of being well educated and had the time, at least on these days, to discuss work/life balance in a way that was refreshingly honest. However, despite their advantages, many felt trapped. They felt trapped by the pressures of their student loans and professional pressures. They felt as if they had few choices and even less freedom. They wanted a change.


More than wanting to quit , they simply wanted something different. The women had an overwhelming desire to find the holy grail of employment.  Everyone wanted a job that paid them well enough to fund their lifestyle, pay their student loans and allow them to save for retirement.  Everyone wanted a job that afforded them enough flexibility that they could remain present in their children’s lives and share major milestones with them.  

In a word, they wanted to succeed at the mom part as much as they wanted to succeed at the working part, they just couldn't figure out how to do it. Well, choosing real estate is one option. Northwood Realty is looking for "a few good moms". Northwood has discovered what most of Corporate America fails to appreciate, moms add value. The skills they have honed--multi-tasking, attention to detail, and leadership (to name a few) are assets and not liabilities. Also, as any school principal knows, when you give a mom a job it gets done. 

Unlike many companies, Northwood Realty Services values the unique skills that working mothers bring to the workplace, and that is awesome!

So, instead of avoiding moms and/or developing policies that stifle their ability to perform and complicate their lives, Northwood is courting them. "Moms Welcome" is a refreshing slogan that promises that working moms are part of the plan and not an afterthought. Frustrated female attorneys like those I have met at should consider real estate--seriously. It might be just contain the promise of balance that they are seeking. Also, they know a lot about contracts...

If this post has got you curious, check out Northwood Moms