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Wednesday Reflections: I now embrace the Ides of March!

Me and my son
Two years ago, on March 15th, I gave birth for the second time. The delivery was quick. The baby came out crying. And he has been ready to rule the world ever since.

I immediately fell in love.

Like many moms for the second time, I previously questioned whether my heart had the capacity hold any additional love because my heart was full from my first baby. Little did I know, the heart has an infinite ability to expand.  And mine did.

Our son was the answer that we had all been looking for, but didn't know it. He has caused us all to become better versions of ourselves.

At the Pittsburgh Children's Museum

So, for me, the ides of March have become a time of celebration. I will always be grateful for March 15, 2014 and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of us!

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