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Having Babies Disrupts The Lives of Even the Most Organized Mamas

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Mommy with baby

Yesterday, I participated in a lunch event for lawyer moms with young children. My table had six women. Five moms and one future mom.The moms were all deep in the struggle. We had a robust discussion. We agreed that having babies changes your priorities. First, the sheer indignity that goes along with having a baby is humbling. Never before would you agree to being naked in front of a room full of strangers. However, when you're in labor. You simply don't care.

1.   Children Complicate A Working Woman's Life

Second, things that used to be easy before having children no longer are. Wearing clothes that require dry cleaning is nearly impossible because the babies often use your clothes as spit up blankets. Arriving at work early becomes an absolute chore. Try as you might to create a schedule that allows you to get out of the door with ease, you can't because the babies have their own agendas. Maintaining an organized home is as hard as achieving world peace because babies have so much stuff. Also, as one lawyer mom pointed out, babies spill things and sometimes you don't have time to clean it up immediately, then you forget about it and have a huge stain that you have to search the internet to get get rid of!

2.   Still, Having Children Makes it all Worth It

Why do people keep having babies you ask? Well, sexual urges can be very powerful thing... They are also little joy generators that enrich your life. Also, according to the article below, babies and toddlers are great sources of excuses. For example, I am fairly certain I was supposed to be somewhere important instead of taking the photo above. However, I just had to capture the cuteness!

Check out the article. It is spot on and so witty that I wish that I had written it myself! Tell me the truth, have your kids ever disrupted your schedule?

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