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Working Mom Confession: Prince was my first boyfriend

English: The american artist Prince.
English: The american artist Prince. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
OK, the title is a bit of an overstatement. Prince and I never dated. We never even met. However, it did feel like the eye contact I made with him at a concert once could have gotten me pregnant... 

Yes Prince was my man and yes I gladly shared him with the world. A talent like his could not be contained.  When he died, a part of all of us died with him. Below are my thoughts about his death.

An Ode to Prince by a Working Mom Who Was a Fan

Dearly beloved,

You were our fantasy.

You were the one that we adored.

We craved your kiss.

But our parents feared that your dirty mind would corrupt ours.

And they were right.

There was no controversy.

You simply ruled our world.

We loved you and trusted you.

You made us scandalous.

We became curious about what it meant to be soft and wet...

We looked to you for answers.

We developed an insatiable desire for your music.

It caused us to believe that the sun, moon and stars were reachable.

And baby, you were our star.

We just wanted you to take us with you.

We didn't care where you were going.

And since we couldn't get hot wit you.

We became your zealous fans.

We were your darlings, your fiends.

Not in the Nikki kind of way, but still...

The desire ran deep, so deep.

We were your beautiful ones, in love, waiting

not so patiently to be kissed.

Yesterday, our hearts, like our computers, turned blue.

because we will never see you again.

So, we cry like the doves.

Heavy purple tears, raining down our faces

Thank you for making this thing called life more amazing.

You were undisputed.

Nothing compares to you.

Rest in peace,

One devoted girl friend

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