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Mommy Monday: What Our Kids Love About Their Moms

My daughter, enjoying the summer!
 “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” – Maya Angelou
Moms... What a loaded title with a lot of baggage. Our thoughts of moms evokes fond memories and memories of unmet needs, deferred dreams and disappointment. To be a mom, especially a working mom, means to be everything and not enough simultaneously. We work hard and try to attend every event. However, invariably, there is some very important assembly that happens and we have a conflicting meeting, which means that we are not there...

Indeed, working moms have a hard road to hoe...

Sometimes, working moms feel alone in their struggle. However, did you know that 43.5 million moms in the United States are working moms? That's 70% of all moms! We work had at work and at home. Most of us have already clocked in 2-3 hours of work before we even get to work I know I do!

Even though being a working mom isn't easy, most of us do it gladly because we enjoy our children immensely and are honored to provide for them. FTD surveyed 1017 people and asked them what they loved most about their moms. As expected, the answers included selflessness, kindness, and resilience. I can't say that I meet those hurdles often. However, there have been times when I when I have met them. Don't ask my family though...

When asked by my husband what she loves about me, my daughter answered, "She cuddles with me."My son, at two years old, said a bunch of things, many unintelligible. Still, both touched my heart and reminded me that in all of the hustle and bustle, I must remember to pause, embrace her, and give her what she values most. I think my son might like that too... 

A happy moment at our household

Read the survey results on this link,  you may be surprised to learn about the other things that kids appreciate about their moms. Hopefully, it will help inspire you on this Monday!


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