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I Cannot Wait For The United State of Women Summit! (#UnitedStateofWomen)

I was excited when I learned that I had been selected to attend “The United State of Women Summit” because gender equality is up my alley and its sponsored by the White House. Also, I covered the first inauguration on a Media Pass, the first I ever received for writing this blog. And I vowed to attend an official event about women under this administration. I was disappointed that I missed  “The White House Summit On Working Families” in 2014—like seriously disappointed.

The fact that it occurred, and the conversation occurred without me, bothered me for months. I want to be a part of those types of national conversations so that I can listen and hopefully contribute. It still disappoints me as I type it…

Being selected to attend “The United State of Women Summit” (the "Summit") helps me feel better  though.  I am also proud of how I was selected.

I Am Attending The Summit Because I Responded to an Email

So, when I received an email from the White House penned by Tracee Ellis Ross. It required a response by midnight the same day. In pertinent part the email read, “Nominate someone you know to join the United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 14. (You can even nominate yourself!)”  I jumped at the chance. I could not let the opportunity pass by without at least trying.

The email also touched me because it discussed how Tracee is who she is because of her mother, Miss Diana Ross. It said, "My mom, Diana Ross, is one of those women. She's both nurturing and fierce, graceful and courageous. She set an example for me to be empowered, to have a voice, and to build a full life for myself." It reminded me of my own mother. So, I nominated her first. There were so many things to say about how she has worked to promote equality that her nomination was easy. (She was selected too, but is unable to make the Summit.)

When it came to nominating myself, I struggled, even though I have worked on promoting equality myself. If you have read my “About Me” section, you know that I have served on various boards including serving as Vice President of a foundation board that was founded by women, is run by women and works to promote women and people with disabilities. I am currently on the board of an organization called, "The Women and Girls Foundation". I have coached women. I have been a motivational speaker for women. I also have a passion for gender equality and promote that issue through this blog.

I am confident, but self-promotion is harder. I am getting better at it though!

I Will Be Attending The Summit With Some of My Role Models

My friend Kim sent me a link on Twitter about the Summit. Here's the link,  Michelle Obama’s Kick-Ass Lady Crew Celebrates ‘The United State Of Women’. It turns out I will be joining many of my role models, Shonda RhimesOprah Winfrey, and my fellow Wahoo, Tina Fey to name a few. It turns out that this event is a MAJOR deal. So, I am beyond thrilled that I was selected to participate in an event with these heavy hitters. I can only hope that by attending the Summit I will become an honorary member of Michelle Obama's "Kick Ass Lady Crew"!!! A girl can dream can't she?!

I am also proud that I achieved my goal of attending an event sponsored by this administration and that I had the courage to nominate myself. I hope my story will help inspire you as well as my own daughter one day.

Check me out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on June 13th and June 14th as I document my participation!

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