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Wordless Wednesday: Mommy Time!

"Mommy Time"

First, let me apologize for my delinquent posting. A lot has been going on in my world and I am just trying to catch up! (When the White House comes a calling you show up! Click here for more about that.) 

Now to the topic of this post. The above photo reflects, "Mommy Time". (My daughter wanted to make sure that everyone knew that she took the photo. So, now you do! :-)) My daughter declared that individual time with me is "Mommy Time"! Not very original, but it's catchy, right?! 

In any event, it caught on with the baby. So now it's a thing, at least in our household. 

It's generally their favorite time of day. I have to admit that it's mine too. I love taking one of my kids--embracing them, inhaling them, and then exhaling. My life isn't perfect. However, I am honored to live it. 

As a working mom, I have doubts about my childcare choices. I know that I know what is best for my children. However, I outsource their day-to-day care to others. If I added up the hours that others spend with my kids versus those that I spend with them, I'd feel even worse. Fortunately, lawyers aren't that great at math! That said, during those times when we have "Mommy Time", I am thrilled that my kids still think that I am the greatest. Friends who have other children tell me that this time won't last forever. However, you should know that I am treasuring every moment as long as it does--most days... :-)

Until next time, enjoy your world!

Question: What rituals do you have to make you feel better about working full time?

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