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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Make Each Day Special

My daughter enjoying a special dessert on a Monday

With everything that we have going on during the week it can be tempting to save our enjoyment for the weekend. It seems to make sense. However, if we truly pause to think about it, there are fewer days on the weekends. Also, it means that we are consciously postponing our happiness. That decision is an exercise in arrogance. 

I keep getting reminders that life is fragile and shorter than we would like it to be. Don't postpone your happiness. Instead, see it all as joy--the good things, the bad things, and the mundane things. Also, make a conscious effort to make your kids smile each day. Making them smile will fill your heart with joy. It will also teach them that each day matters. And isn't that a lesson that we all need to learn?

The photo above shows my daughter enjoying her dessert on Monday. Dessert if the most favorite part of her day. She earns it by eating her dinner and behaving. Because healthy eating is important to me, I carefully select her desserts so that it is special, but she doesn't consume unnecessary calories. She feels special because I choose things that she'll enjoy. And seeing her enjoy her desserts makes me very happy. 

How do you make each day special?

Recipe: Dessert Featured in the Photo

A dessert cup (60 calories)
Fresh strawberries (20 calories)
Chocolate syrup (40 calories)
Smile (priceless and calorie free!)

  • You could also add a dollop of whipped cream, but we were all out!
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