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Working Mom Tip: Eat Healthy

Healthy Food
As working moms, despite our limited time, we strive to do a good job at work and at home is high. We recognize that we can’t do a good job unless we are healthy. And we also understand that we have failed our children if they are not healthy.

So, we strive to make healthy choices. That said, “healthy” can be a moving target. We accept certain truths to be self-evident.
Organic fruit and vegetables are good. Red food coloring is really bad and should be banned throughout the world! Drinking water is good. Drinking juice is completely unnecessary and should be treated like alcoholic beverages for children—they get it on special occasions only. It is not a staple!

(Don’t worry, if you’re a working mom who believes that every night is a special occasion and deserves to be recognized with red wine I won’t judge you. Just be sure to tweet a photo of your glass to me here so we can celebrate our ever so special Tuesday night together!!! J)

We are kept up at night by questions like, “Is whole milk better than skim milk?” “Should our babies eat solid food before six months?”  And, “what is quinoa and how the hell do you pronounce it?”

Apparently, there is disagreement between what Americans believe is healthy and what nutritionists believe is healthy. Our friends at The New York Times did a story on it, called “Is Sushi Health? What About Granola? Where Americans and Nutritionists Disagree.”

Bonus:  You may want to pay close attention to the Times article because another writer has indicated that carrying around extra pounds can tank your career! For that article, click here. Quote from the article, “[i]n 2004,  the journal Health Economics reported that obesity could lower a woman's annual earnings by as much as 6.2% and a man's by as much as 2.3%”  
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