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Patriotic Working Moms May Miss Most of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Blogging, drinking and watching the Olympics

I am making an off-cycle post because I sent my family out to dinner on Sunday and for a few hours it has been just me in the house, and I savored it. I made dinner without considering whether it was appropriate for children. I had a martini with my appetizer. I had wine with dinner. I also watched the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

Watching the Olympics made me realize that I haven't seen a lot of the games this year.

Historically, the Olympics has been an event that has captivated the nation and me. Children are inspired, grown men weep, and many working moms are left to read about the highlights the next day online or in the paper...

Yeah I said it.

I remember watching the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004. I was riveted. I vowed that visiting Greece was on my bucket list. The media did a great job at portraying Greece in vivid images. I wanted to go there on vacation and see the ruins, experience the culture and see that beautiful blue sky and blue water in person. 

This year, I am as loyal a fan of Team USA as I ever was. However, I get tired. When we get home our TV is populated with cartoons or learning videos. I used to have the news on. However, I think that watching the news can be more upsetting for small children than "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Scream" and "Suicide Squad" combined. For that reason, I only watch the news when the kids aren't in the room, which is like never. Between the two of them, one seems to always be with me. 

Invariably, between making dinner and straightening  attempting to straighten up I forget that the Olympics are even on. And by the time I put the kids to bed, I am dog tired and tend to fall asleep too. I have even forgotten to DVR most of my favorite competitions. 

Since this is the last week of the games, I am making more of an effort to stay awake. Today, I even drank coffee at a meeting that started at 5:00 PM. I hope it works because I really want to see Simone Biles on the Floor Exercises. I'm sure her performance will be worth sacrificing a little sleep. If fall asleep despite my efforts, my sister just told me that I an watch Olympic highlights via Xfinity On Demand. I forgot to look into that. As my daughter would say, "Silly Mommy!' 
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