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7 Tips For Working Moms That Will Make Their Home Presentable At All Times

A spotless kitchen

Since becoming a professional blogger, I have used some version of this to describe myself, "struggling to keep my house clean" because it is true. It is true because I work full time and have two kids. However, it is also true because I generally hate cleaning. (I'd even use an expletive to express my thoughts about cleaning if my mama wasn't my most faithful blog reader!) I've heard Oprah say that she get enormous pleasure from stain removal. In contrast, I get enormous pleasure from reading, writing, and getting pampered. I actually think that some people got the "I love cleaning gene" and others got the "I love hiring people gene". 

I think I got the second gene.  However, because God has a sense of humor, I don't have the bank account to afford the amount of help that I'd like to employ. Since I am not "of the manor born" and refuse to live in squalor, I am constantly in search of ways to keep my house clean without being stressed about it. For that reason when Ian Hart from The Tidy Maids contacted me about helping me keep my house clean, I was all in. Below are his tips!

7 Tips For Working Moms That Will Make Their Home Presentable At All Times (A guest post by Ian Hart)

Being a working mom is not an easy task. In most times, they will pull a lack of time "excuse" for almost all their seeming inefficiency. Can we blame them? Before judging, spare a moment and sneak a look at what's on their hands: a demanding career, precious children relying on her for care, a spouse seeking her attention, and her personal desire to stay on top of all these.

A working mom has to juggle all the above! In the midst of all these, they must keep their houses presentable at all times. How can one maintain a presentable home amidst their air-tight schedule? 

Seven Helpful Tips For Keeping a Clean House

  1. Come up with a customized cleaning schedule
You will find many cleaning ideas or checklists on the internet today, some with very excellent ideas. Unfortunately, there is none that can fit your house needs perfectly. This is because every home is unique and people have different cleanliness standards. In fact, their cleaning obligations are also distinct. This makes it useful to devise a system for cleaning and organizing that fits your household. Of importance is to follow the routine properly to make sure you do not pile up housecleaning chores. Things can easily get out of hand if chores are not done at the right time.

2.                   Invest in an organization kit
Your house will look more presentable if it is properly organized. If you have challenges finding where to keep different items, an organization kit for different rooms could be all you need. During the exercise, you will find some items that you no longer need and it will be a great idea to get rid of them. Depersonalizing is a great step to keeping a clean and organized space.

3.                   Keep a cleaning gear within reach
Sometimes you will require cleaning at a lightning speed. In fact, it is a good habit to clean on the go if you are to keep your home presentable always. In this case, you want your tools near when you have to deal with a fresh stain as soon as it occurs. If you have to tidy up your bathroom after using it or before going to work, you have no time to rush downstairs or outside for paper towels, scrubbers or the squeegee.

You cleaning kit will depend on the target areas. Have several cleaning caddies where you stash different tools relevant to the area you will be cleaning. Then, place each in a corner near or within the room the kit is designed for.

4.                   Involve your kids in tidying up the house
You may think they are too young to engage in house chores. Besides, isn't it just easier and quicker for me to do the work? You may think. Basically, your home is also a training ground for your children. Teaching them how to be responsible adults includes instilling some discipline about maintaining a clean and organized space.

At a young age, they can learn to collect and put things away from unwanted places to the designated storage areas. Let them learn to collect their toys after use, put their clothes in the dirt linen's basket for laundering, arrange and clear the table, and so forth. You will be amazed at how far their help goes in making your burden lighter.

5.                   Involve your spouse
We have been made to believe that house cleaning chores are the responsibility of the woman. Even if some cultures have broken this barrier, it is possible there are still some who uphold the belief to date. The notion can hinder some women from asking for help. However, think about this; you are both working throughout the day, isn't everyone tired?

Instead of carrying the burden alone, let your spouse in. You will find that most of them are happy to help. You can share the duties based on each person's strengths.

6.                   Hire help
Sometimes, it could help to hire a professional house cleaner once in awhile. They do a thorough job and they are likely to reach spaces that you can hardly clean within your tight schedule. You get some time to relax without worrying about the state of your home.

7.                   Quit your perfectionism mantra
It is understandable that your home was always spotless before kids came. Now, they are here and everything is in chaos. You have more responsibilities too. Do not feel sorry for your inability to keep your home clean and organized to the level you want. Instead, relax, thank God they are here and watch them grow to leave the nest sooner than you can imagine. Then, you can restore some order (according to your personal definition) in your home.

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