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Thanksgiving on Mt. Washington

I know that Black Friday is a major thing. People leave their homes in the wee hours of the morning in pursuit of deals. Since it's been going on for a couple of decades now, I actually think that the thrill of the hunt motivates people as much as the deals themselves. I won't even talk about the people who go out early to buy things and jack up the prices and sell them on eBay. Ah, capitalism... 

Unlike my cousin who has been filmed being one of the first people to enter Wal-Mart on Black Friday, I've never been a big Black Friday person. First, I'm not really into crowds. Second, I often struggle to get up super early and I am not sleeping in my car to catch a deal on a Hatchimal--no judgment. Third, the likelihood that I would be organized enough to find the best Black Friday deals with all that's going on Thanksgiving week is slim to none.

Celebrating Cyber Monday

This year on Black Friday I was spending time with my family and friends who were visiting. We enjoyed music, had brunch (crab cakes, salmon, grits, and scrambled eggs), cocktails (ginger mimosas) and we laughed. For me, that was more important than catching a sale. Still, like everybody else, my Christmas list is a mile long.  So, I shall be honoring the time honored Internet tradition of shopping on Cyber Monday.  I thought that I'd share some ideas for how to bless the loved ones in your life with presensts. See below.

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For Hardworking Dads

For Kids

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