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Wednesday Words of Wisdom from Yogi

Yogi Tea Messages

I'm a tea drinker. Most mornings, I drink green tea and Earl Grey tea.  I believe in the health benefits of green tea. I add the Earl Grey tea for the extra caffeine benefits. Don't judge me. I'm a mom of two small children and work full time so I often need a little help to get me through the day! 

The other reason I enjoy being a tea drinker is because some tea brands, like Yogi, include helpful enlightening quotations. I have decided to share some that I read recently so that you are enlightened as well. Enjoy!

  1. "Be great, feel great, act great."
  2. "An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities."
  3. "Let your manners speak for you."
  4. "Let your heart speak to other's hearts."
  5. "Where there is love, there is no question."
I hope that these words of wisdom bless you this holiday season. I'd love to know which one resonated most with you. I'm torn between #4 and #5 as my favorites. You may leave a comment below or click here to shoot me an email!
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