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Six Secrets to Staying in Shape as a Working Mom (Fitness Tips)

From my casual comments and comments from those I coach, I know that many working moms struggle to maintain their weight. Not only is that costly because of all of the extra clothes one needs, but there are also health risks. I'm not a fitness expert. However, I've been fairly healthy most of my life and have been able to keep my weight constant. The five tips from me and the fitness articles from the New York Times listed below may be just what you need to become lean an mean in 2017. 

Keep me posted on your progress!

Six Tips to Maintaining Your Weight

1. Water is the Key to Success: Drink tons of water. Indeed, replace all other beverages, included diet soda, with water. Water helps your body run more efficiently. 

2.    Move, a lot: As working moms, I know that it's really hard to find time to work out. However, think about movement in a different way. Think about movement as a way of life, instead of trying to find time to "work out". Park far away from your work entrance and grocery story, leave your desk for 10 minutes a day to stretch your legs and walk 1/2 a mile, stretch. Adopt the philosophy, "I live therefore I move!" I recently discovered a five minute yoga routine that helps me get my day off to a great start. 

Here's the link, Morning Yoga Perfection.

3.     Eliminate Empty Calories: Drinking calories isn't very satisfying. Hence, the advice about water above. This is a reminder about it. You may think I was only referring about beverages consumed with meals too. No, I was also referring to the pumpkin-flavored latte with whipped cream that may have become your daily treat. It may have as many calories as a hamburger...

4.  Stop Eating Other People's Your Kids' Food: Children often leave food on their plates because they stop eating when they're full. You should too. Make your own plate and don't finish theirs because those calories count too. If you feel guilty about starving children elsewhere, stop piling your kids plates with food. 

5.    Eat Only What You Love: I used to work with someone who often refused dessert because she said, "It's not worth the calories." That simple statement made an impact on me. I work in healthcare. People are always bringing cake into the office to celebrate things like, "It's Wednesday!" I generally refuse because why? I actually don't really enjoy store bought cake. So, eating it doesn't thrill me. If you pass up those things you love and save your splurges for what you do love, you'll be happier and have fewer regrets. Remember, "Your pants won't fit if you eat it..."

6. Count calories: It's not sexy of innovative. However, if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. It's just math. The problem is, most of us are unaware of how many calories are in food. So, research it. With Google, there's no excuse to be ignorant. That said, I know you're short on time. So, until you have time to do your research, give up fried food, full fat cheese and creamy sauces, including mayonnaise. Those foods are loaded with calories and don't tend to satisfy you. 

New York Times Top 10 Fitness Stories of 2016
For the first time, scientists compared the neurological impacts of different types of exercise in rats: running, weight training and high-intensity interval training.
Sixty seconds of intense exercise provided the benefits of three-quarters of an hour of moderate cycling.
A high-intensity, high-protein workout and food plan helped men drop 11 to 12 pounds in a month while adding three pounds of muscle mass.