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The Secret To Planning Your Home Super Bowl Party, Snacks!

Working moms like to party like everybody else, perhaps even more if the portrayal in “Bad Moms” is accurate. (If you’re curious about that, here's a link to post about my recent trip to Miami!) That said the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday night, which is effectively a school night. For that reason, most working moms will probably be watching the game at home instead of lugging their kids through the cold, disrupting their routine, and making their Monday morning hell.

If you choose to disrupt your schedule in pursuit of Super Bowl fun, no judgment.
 If you’re like me though, excited about the game but reluctant to disrupt your kids’ schedules and aware that grown up parties with kids are not always that much fun for the grown up, stay home and have a little Super Bowl Party of your own. My son thinks fun parties require cool snacks! I think that cocktails make the party. And my daughter thinks the day isn’t complete without desserts. So, as a tribute to all of us, below are links for all three!

Snacks:                13 Super Bowl snacks and appetizers to kick off your party
Cocktails:            14 Super Bowl Cocktails

NOTE: Just because I live in Pittsburgh, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers doesn't mean that I have to boycott the game. I can cheer for the Falcons! 😉
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