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Wordless Wednesday: Why I Work

Child on the Pittsburgh North Shore
Yesterday on my Facebook Page I was seeking motivation. I had been thinking about the challenges that people, in particular working moms, have during the workweek. So, I decided to probe my Facebook friends about how they made it through the week. I will share their responses with you because I think you'll find them worthwhile. Of course their responses stimulated my mind as well. I've been working for most of my life and have been a full time working mom for the duration. 

Child at Disney World #DisneySMMC

I have not paused. I have not fainted. And I have not given up. 

So, I asked myself the question. One thing I realize is that my Wordless Wednesday post is not just a way to fill up space on my blog. The photos are a reminder about why I work. I primarily work to provide for my family and to make them smile. Since we celebrated my son's third birthday last week, I decided to feature him in this post. Even with the challenges, I am grateful to be a working mom every day. And these photos encourage me when I need a reminder of that!

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