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Appeal to Congress by Working Moms: Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time

I know that Congress is a little busy trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and explain the tweets of the current POTUS. I understand and believe that is important work. That said, can they do parents, especially working moms, a solid and get rid of Day Light Savings Time? That is a nonpartisan issue that everybody should be able to rally around. We're all dragging in my house. My workouts have fallen by the wayside. And I can barely get up on time. I'm trying to reclaim my sunny, morning disposition. To that end "Get behind me Satan Day Light Savings Time!" You're not going to win because I am victorious!!! See Joel Osteen, I've been listening! ;-)

The link below contains my plea. Please and thank you!!!

Chaton's World: A Working Mom's Quest for Balance in Stilettos© : Appeal to Congress by Working Moms: Get Rid of Day...: As you know this week I have focused on the great Pittsburgh weather and my sleep deprivation . ( Today was another gorgeous day too!)...
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