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Women's History Month Shout Out

The Pittsburgh Chapter of The Girl Friends, Inc. circa 2011

March is Women's History month. I couldn't let it end without celebrating women who honored me this month, Olivia Warren, Cooper Munroe, and my girl friends.

Olivia Warren

Olivia is a law student at Harvard Law School who is completely amazing. Before she attended law school she was a professional ballerina and a Coro Fellow. I sought her out after a presentation she made to FISA Foundation during her fellowship to help me with my blog. She recently sent me note thanking me for believing in her and her abilities. Her note touched me because of its humility. I'm sure that everyone recognized her abilities. I'm just the only one who asked for her help!

Remember her name. She will make history.

Cooper Munroe

Cooper is an award winning marketing expert who is a co-founder of The Motherhood Inc. The Motherhood connects bloggers with brands and helps both groups increase in prominence. The first time I heard Cooper speak, I decided that she was a force. She and her partner created their business with a simple mission, to help moms in need. While watching the debacle now known as the government response to the Hurricane Katrina natural disaster, Cooper and her co-founder figured out how to galvanize moms to donate items needed by the moms in New Orleans and they managed to get them there before the federal government figured out what they were doing. Incredible!

I admire Cooper as a mom and entrepreneur. I also connect with her in a an indescribable way. Last month, she asked if she could interview me for her site to commemorate International Women's Day and I said "Yes." What she doesn't know is that I wanted to scream this from the rooftops, "She likes me! She really likes me!"  For a link to the article, click A #BeBoldForChange Profile for International Women’s Day: Chaton Turner. In true Cooper fashion, she made me see myself in a new and even better light. She also crystallized my grandmother's (Claudia) influence on my life.

I still smile whenever I think about the fact that Cooper Munroe interviewed me!

The Pittsburgh Chapter of Girl Friends, Inc. 

I searched for a photo of me with Olivia or Cooper, but couldn't find one. Since March is going to end, I decided to post a photo of some of my favorite women who have indeed made history, my fellow members of The Pittsburgh Chapter of Girl Friends, Inc. These women, my sisters, have contributed to numerous professions like the arts, science, education, and banking. I have been a member of the group since 2010. I humbled that they extended an offer of membership to me and honored to call each of them my girl friends!

Here's to women!!! 

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