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Working Mom Tip: Try Legal Insurance, Because Life Happens...

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Creating a fortress of protection around family is essential for your piece of mind.
I am participating in a blogger program for ARAG and have been provided compensation in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.  
When I was in college, I fell in love with my boyfriend and thought that he walked on water, despite every indication that he was a misguided young man who made poor decisions. One night, we were in his car and got pulled over by the police. The police discovered that he had no driver's license, no car insurance, and no registration. He wasn't exactly "riding dirty", but it was illegal. I could say that I was unaware of his poor choices, but I wasn't. Instead, I was a girl who lacked a car and believed that nobody would ever find out, but then they did. The police took him into the squad car and drove him to jail in my hometown. I followed behind, stripping his gears along the way because I never learned how to drive a stick shift in any productive way and there was no way I was going to remember what I learned under those stressful conditions.

Legal Insurance is a Way to Protect Your Family

I still remember the look on his face as he looked out the rear window listening to me stripping his gears. After we arrived at the jail, he went one way and I went the other. I don't know if they officially booked him, but I think they did. What I knew is that I wanted out of there. So, I called my mother to come get me. That seemed like a good idea until she showed up asking questions. In hindsight, I should have stripped the boyfriend's gears all the way home. My mother was none too pleased that she had to pick me up from jail, even if I hadn't been arrested for anything.

I was a smart, good girl who made smart decisions until she fell in love... 

Even though I wasn't charged with a crime, that experience taught me a lot. The first was, make better romantic choices... The second is that families should have access to qualified legal counsel because you never know what your kids might do. Fast forward about fifteen years or more years. Now, I am an attorney and a blogger and I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with ARAG, a provider of legal insurance. I accepted the opportunity because I remembered my own situation. I also remembered friends who got DUIs, loaned money on a promise and got stiffed, and thought of my adult friends who found themselves involved in a dispute with a neighbor. I also thought of my friends who went to a concert to have fun, drank too much, and found themselves or arrested for disorderly conduct.

I thought about all of me, my parents, all of my friends and got excited that I had an solution for their legal problems that didn't include having me on speed dial!
How Does Legal Insurance Work? It allows people to more easily find an attorney while taking away the fear of cost. Much like consumers use health insurance to pay for the cost of visiting a doctor, legal insurance covers the cost of working with an attorney. The attorneys are vetted. You also have the opportunity to select the one that is right for you as opposed to just taking what you've been assigned. So, you could research the attorney with the bar or ask around to determine if the attorney is right for you. 

Legal Insurance Is a Way to Protect Your Assets

Most people have long appreciated the value of having homeowners' insurance and car insurance. In recent months, they have become keenly aware of the purpose of health insurance with the recent debate about the Affordable Care Act and the failed attempt to "repeal and replace" that law. While these types of insurance plans are important, they do not cover the maximum benefits for families because they do not give you access to lawyers. And if you are not fortunate to be an attorney, have one in the family, or have a friends who is an attorney, the process of obtaining one can be daunting!

I am often consulted "unofficially" by friends who simply don't know where to turn.  

In the most basic terms, insurance is about risk mitigation. And there are other life events and poor decisions that can expose families to financial risk.  Historically, people couldn't buy legal insurance. However, now, they can with ARAG. Only you know if ARAG  in particular or legal insurance in general would be right for you, but you might want to consider it because you never know what your kids might do...

You Can Try ARAG for Free

ARAG has decided to give my readers a really cool deal to try out their product. To get a free trial for creating legal documents, Click here. Here's a peek into what you'll be getting during that free trial,.

When you register for ARAG's 30-Day Free Trial, you get around-the-clock access to:

  • More than 300 state-specific templates created by attorneys that you can use to draw up legal documents.
  • ARAG's Online Legal Library, which includes guidebooks, tip sheets, research articles, videos and more educational materials in easy-to-understand language that can help you address a variety of legal matters.
Plus, if you are currently dealing with a legal matter, you get one phone consultation with an ARAG Network Attorney who can answer your questions over the phone and help you move toward resolving your issue with confidence.

Here's to protecting our families and our assets!!!

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