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Wednesday Wisdom: Holidays are for Family time

Easter egg hunt

"How sweet it is to be loved by you!"-Holland-Dozier-Holland
Holidays matter. They are are the times to build great family memories! Life gets hard and complicated, especially when you are a working mom. We have to do everything that all other moms do, but we have to do it less time because while we are loving our families we are also trying to please our bosses. It can get overwhelming at times. However, holidays remind us about why it is all worth it. 

Easter Sunday has always been a favorite of mine.  I have fond memories of getting my hair straighten by my mom in our kitchen the night before, getting an Easter basket and wearing a pretty dress to church.  Christ had risen. So, we had to honor him in our best!

Easter eggs
Since becoming a mom, I've become an even bigger fan! My husband, loves having family around.  So, every holiday is an opportunity to have a party. So, my kids equate holidays with having their grandparents shower love on them, eating good food and having fun. His insistence on these traditions have been a great complement to our church practice.

Grandmas helping kid out!

The truth is, God gave us life to live abundantly and our families are the embodiment of that. The time I spend with my family is my most cherished. Loving them brings out the best in me. And being loved by them makes me cherish life even more.

The finished product!

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