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Working Mom Tip: Organize Your Car (#PrimpMyRide)

My ride #PrimpMyRide

Working moms are in search of tips to make their lives easier. One thing that we all tend to do in our increasingly busy lives is to spend lots of time in our cars. Without proper planning, our cars can get really messy. Indeed, early this AM I was cleaning out my own car so that it looks like an automobile a scarp book/garbage can.

Even if Your Car Ain't Sexy It Doesn't Have to Be Messy!

As you can see from the photo of my car above, I have traded in my cool card and am embarrassing this mom thing with everything I've got. Still, I don't want my car to be a complete mess, I often give rides to co-workers. So, having a hella messy car can be a professional embarrassment and personal frustration. Fortunately, right in time for Mother's Day, Joyce Brewer of "Mommy Talk Show" posted a video that shows you how she organized her car with inexpensive additions that make it easy to keep neat. It's such a good post that I have included a link below.

Watch and learn! And as Joyce says, it's time to "Primp my ride"!


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