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Volunteer Opportunity: Download the 412 Food Rescue App

Food rescued from Giant Eagle

This post is sponsored by 412 Food Rescue

Since I posted my initial post about 412 Rescue, people have asked me how they can get involved. Well I am here to tell you that it is EASY! (For a link to that post, click here.)

First, it's a perfect volunteer opportunity for busy working moms because it has a clear purpose and a defined goal. Not to knock them, but I know that we all have been involved in volunteering for organizations where we have questioned whether our time is truly making a difference. That question doesn't exist here because for a "traditional rescue" you pick up the food and deliver it, like I did. (For more information about my food rescue experience, click here.)

Second, 412 Rescue has created an Uber like app that makes signing up for opportunities crazy simple. Here's a description of the app and how it works.

The app shows users available "rescue" opportunities from grocery stores and restaurants, offers details on the donations as well as the nonprofits they need to be delivered to, and enables volunteers to select the donation that works best for them.
The built-in navigation system directs volunteers to the pick-up location. Once the donation is retrieved, rescuers are directed to the nonprofit recipient who will sign on the app that the donation was delivered. Also, users are encouraged to take photos with their deliveries and post them on social media.

So, download the app and start volunteering today. Don't forget to share your food rescue stories with me by commenting on this post.  You'll be entered to win a prize valued at $50!!!

Download the 412 Food Rescue App

To download the app for Apple iTunes, click here.
To download the app for Google Play, click here.
Tutorial for Using the App            

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