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The Working Mom Secret to Success: Get The R.E.S.T. You Need!

One of my outfits
Being a working mom can be draining. We have to please our bosses, our kids, maintain a household and serve our communities. Indeed, I was recently appointed to our local water authority. How did that happen? I was asked to do a job that needed to be done. As a mom, I couldn't say no. Oh, I also have my ever handsome husband who has demands needs as well. If I'm not careful, I could be an exhausted walking zombie all of the time.

So, how do I keep the pep in my step? I get my r.e.s.t.

Rest. I get my sleep. I know that some working moms get by on four hours a night. I used to be that kind of person. However, those days are over. These days I am generally asleep by 9:30 right after my kids go to bed. It's a coping mechanism!

Exercise. I try to get exercise daily. I completed the 1/2 Marathon portion of the Pittsburgh Marathon earlier this month. Having that goal in front me motivated me to carve time out of every day to work out. My days are jam packed. However, I managed to fit some time in to walk or run.

Style. I enjoy wearing a stylish outfit. My outfits actually make me smile. They make each day a little more fun. They also help to give me energy!

Time. I  have procrastinated all of my life. However, I have learned that kids operate on their own schedule. Accordingly, I try to allocate enough time for me to do what I need to do. In particular, I have learned that the kids need time to get oriented in the morning. So, I give them each time to cuddle in the morning. It tends to get their days off to a good start. 

What do you do to make each week work?

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