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Five Lessons Learned from the Solar Eclipse #SolarEclipse17

Photo credit: Ann Lehman SolarEclipse#17 
I believe God created the heavens and the earth. And regardless of what you may call Him/Her, God showed up and showed off today. Today, there was a solar eclipse. That event mesmerized the world and held unique meanings for us all. For me, it taught me of some things.

I had to work today. And because those I work with value unique astronomical events so much, there was a meeting scheduled at the exact time the solar eclipse was to occur. I attended the meeting. Although we opened the shades in the room, we saw nothing dramatic. The entire world was watching and we were in a rather routine meeting discussing routine things.  

I was feeling bad about missing out on this historic event. Then, I opened Facebook and saw a photo of my son participating in the event with his grandmother. The photo made me smile--it was like I was experiencing the event through his eyes--and made me reflect. 

To read about the five lessons I learned from the Solar Eclipse, keep reading!  

 Five Lessons Learned from the Solar Eclipse #SolarEclipse17

1)      We are not in charge.
2)     There are things that we don't understand, but our lack of understanding doesn't mean they're not true.
3)      Being present, completely present, in the moment reveals truths to us.
4)      Signs are all around us. How we choose to interpret them is our choice.
5)      I am truly blessed.

BONUS: We are all in this together, living a shared experience, united by our humanity.

Some communities are anticipating the two-minute astronomical event through the lens of faith.

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