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Support 412 Food Rescue and Get Your Caffeine Fix #412FoodRescue

 "In the United States, we waste 62.5 million tons and spend $218 billion a year (or 1.3% of our GDP) in “growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that is never eaten." (412 Food Rescue, quoting EPA, 2014)

This post is sponsored by 412 Food Rescue

I fell in love with 412 Food Rescue in the Spring when I learned about the great work that the organization does. It exists to end hunger by ensuring that less food goes to waste. It is a noble mission supported by real action. And it is changing lives.

I participated in a food rescue, which was an awesome way to give back without taking up too much time. To read about my experience, click here. That said, I recognize that some moms have even less free time than I do, but still have a heart to do good. 

Wouldn't it be great to be able to get your regular caffeine fix and contribute to a worthy charity at the same time??? If you think so, keep reading...

Nearly every mama I know needs caffeine to make it through the day. If you're one of those mama's who gets through the day with water and fresh air, God bless you. However, if enjoy a good cup of coffee then keep reading...

Now, you can feel better about enjoying your cup of coffee because you can do good at the same time. La Prima Espresso has created a special blend to benefit 412 Food Rescue. $1.00 from each bag will be donated to support 412 Food Rescue to support its mission of ending hunger (#endhunger) and food waste (#endfoodwaste).  

 How can you purchase the coffee?

·        On the 412 Food Rescue Website:
·        La Prima will sell the 412 Food Rescue bean from their Strip District Espress Bar and Nova Place .
·        The coffee will be sold whole bean, but if you buy it at La Prima retail locations, they will be happy to      grind it for your machine. To find La Prima locations, click here


412 Food Rescue works because of volunteers like you. Food rescue heroes transport food from donors to nonprofit partners. Pickups happen daily and can be as quick as 30 minutes of your time. As I mentioned above, I participated in a Food rescue in the Spring and it was a rewarding way to volunteer without making a huge time commitment. (To learn more about my experience, click here).

You can volunteer as much or as little as you like. 412 Food Rescue alerts volunteers to available "rescues" and they respond to the ones that are right for them. Download the app (iOs or Android) to get alerts on rescues near you.

You can volunteer in a "hands-on way" like doing a Food Rescue. However, the organization also has other needs opportunities for volunteers to leverage also any skill set like administrative tasks and event planning. Email to learn more about how you can help this awesome organization!

College Students:         Also, volunteering with 412 Food Rescue is a great way for college students to give back and build their résumés.  
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