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Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying the last days of summer

Sibling love, albeit momentarily...
Last weekend was the last one before the school year started. So, it was the last few days of summer. We celebrated by having ice cream, attending church, attending an event at Heinz Field for the Steelers' game, getting our photos taken at "the Picture People" (thanks, Living Social!) and going swimming. My daughter also had the last day of her reading program! 

In a word, it was a jam packed weekend and we had a ball. Enjoy the photos!

A "Steelers Girl" at Heinz Field  
Watching her grow up has been a real treat. She's becoming stronger and more confident. I took this photo because she was proud that she had propped herself up on this barrier. She can lift her own weight, which is impressive. Those gymnastics lessons are paying off!

Enjoying the props at "The Picture People

He insisted on getting in this canoe. We didn't even use it for our photos! Here's a link to a coupon for discount photos at "The Picture People" (Click here).
Enjoying the pool at her grandparents. She's one happy girl!
To say my daughter LOVES to swim is an understatement. She's like a little fish. She really took to her lessons and enjoys impressing all of us with her new found skills.
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