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A Note to My Daughter on Her Seventh Birthday

Our visit to #ShopkinsLive

A Note to My Daughter on Her Seventh Birthday

Seven years ago you made me a mom and my world has been forever brighter.

Each year you have taught me more about myself and have made my burdens lighter.

This past year, you learned to perform a cartwheel, make salad, and get yourself ready for the day.

Your favorite things to do are to sing Decendants 2 songs, talk with your aunt JT and play.

 You continue to learn, grow, love, and improve how you read.

My hopes and expectations, you continue to exceed.

Blowing out her birthday candle

Your greatest joy is to cuddle and to get a long hug.

The purity of your emotions has taught me so much about how to love.

Every day my world is made better by your smile.

You have taught me to test my own limitations and go the extra mile.

Since the beginning, we have been on this journey together.

And in this coming year, I know that both of us will continue to get better.

Happy birthday, little girl!

You are going to conquer the world!!!
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