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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Enjoy Your Business Trips

A photo op at the Gumbo Shop

The other week I had the opportunity to travel for work for a conference (CCWC) in New Orleans. On the whole, it was a great experience.  However,  I did learn some vital lessons.Trying to leave town is stressful.  Working moms live and die by their routines and I am no different. having to pack and get to the airport was a disruption to that routine. I nearly left my phone at home, but wound up boarding the plane on time.

Once I made the plane, I immediately began thinking about all of the great food I'd be able to enjoy in New Orleans. On this visit, I was lucky enough to go on a foodie tour as part of the conference and it was entirely worth it! Below are photographs of the food I enjoyed on the tour. YUM!!!

Gumbo at Tableau

Hey, I'm pregnant. So, since I can't drink, food is one of my few pleasures! Still, even if I weren't pregnant, I would have been excited about the food in New Orleans. The spices! The creativity! The taste! No lie, I could live on gumbo every single day of my life and not get tired of it. So, one of my goals when I visit New Orleans is to eat it as often as I can. 

Grilled oysters
The grilled oysters and the fried green tomato were an added surprise. I had never had grilled oysters before. And although some in my group indicated that they preferred those at another restaurant, I was hooked! Next time I visit, fried oysters will be on my list too. Also, I think that I may commit to mastering making fried green tomatoes at home. They were a welcome treat and our family has a lot of vegetarians. I think they would appreciate this addition to family meals.

Fried green tomatoes at Tujague's

Unfortunately, my photos of the beignets I had at Cafe Du Monde weren't blog worthy. Trust me though, fried dough with confectioner's sugar has never tasted so good! I also had the coffee with chicory because that's what you do. Before I get hate mail, pregnant women are allowed to have two cups of caffeine a day.. So don't judge me!

It was tough being away from my family, but I did enjoy reconnecting with old friends and all of the tasty food that I got to enjoy on my trip! 

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