Friday Tip: Get Free Stuff on Tax Day!

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Ser...
Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Service.
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Tax Day is on Tuesday, April 17th. I'd love for this post to be about great tips to help you save money on your taxes, but I got nothin'! The only good thing that I can think about Tax Day approaching is that it is the end of the tax season, unless of course you filed an extension, then you get to extend the fun torture until October! 

Well, some restaurants feel our pain and understand our need to celebrate this event. (I won’t insult holidays by referring to it as one.) They are giving away free food. That’s right “f-r-e-e”. Free is music to my ears as well as my fellow working moms who had to pay up this tax season. It just seems so unfair. We’re raising the next generation of tax payers, working every day, and contributed to the social security and Medicare funds and yet, we have to write a fat check on Tax Day because we haven’t contributed enough to this great union. I hear that some very wealthy people manage to pay nothing or a very low percentage of their incomes in taxes.

I actually wish that Donald Trump would release his taxes just so I can see how someone with that much money avoids paying an obscene amount each year. I don’t know that his refusal to release them is because of that, it’s just a hunch!

Happy Tax Day!!!

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