The Strider Cup, A Great Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

My little Strider Racer 

Last year, I was honored to collaborate with Strider Bikes. They make balance bikes for kids and also conduct a race. The race was one of the coolest events that I've experienced. It was the first competitive event for my son and he loved it, even if he was lucky just to receive a participation medal! (Click here for more information about our experience.)

The race was a fun, family event. And although, I haven't been asked to collaborate with Strider this year, at least not yet, I wanted to share a link to the event so that you can register your kids and partake in the fun. I promise you, you and your racer will enjoy it. And the rest of the family will get to cheer for your little one. The link below has the calendar of races, the first one is on April 6th.