Back to School Tips: Lunches

If you have a picky eater like my daughter, back-to-school season means that it is time to start planning lunches. The truth is, I'd have to make lunches even if she weren't picky because our son's preschool doesn't provide lunch for the kids. So, school lunches are soon going to be a part of my future. 

To keep it completely real, we wound up sending our kids to camp this summer as well because of the picky factor. Although I am grateful that my daughter is getting a more healthful lunch, life would definitely be easier if she would just eat the lunch provided for her by the camp and school like the other kids. Did I mention that lunch is included at both places too?!?!

Directing our daughter's lunchtime choices

Oh well, no chance in complaining about things I cannot change. We've conditioned her to believe that we are the source of her lunchtime needs. In essence, we have started this and can't get out of it. the upside of this deal is that by packing our daughter's lunch, we control what she takes. Since we're all is, we might as well give her things that are delicious and nutritious, right?! While we can't guarantee that she'll eat only the healthy we pack because sometimes there's some trading going on, we know that our choices are more healthful than what they provide at school. 

Here's my lunch packing formula:

  1. Main meal
  2. Fresh fruit or vegetable
  3. Sweet treat
  4. Crunchy option
  5. Water
  6. A positive note is generally a part of the deal. Sometimes it's just a pre-written one though!
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