Spring Break Gratitude

Thomas Town at Kennywood, Totally Worth the Wait

Thomas Ride, Courtesy of Kennywood

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At amusement parks we spend times waiting in long lines for a few moments of fun. The reasons we do it is because those few moments are truly spectacular! Recently, Kennywood Parks opened, "Thomas Town at Kennywood™", a tribute to Thomas the Tank Engine™, which has been a beloved character for generations. I was fortunate enough to visit the park for the grand opening and it was totally worth it.

"They're two they're four they're six and eight

Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they're the really useful crew"
 -Thomas the Train Theme Song

Most parents with small children can sing the Thomas the Train theme song from start to finish without promoting because we hear it so much. Indeed, there is something about the song, the theme, and the cartoon that makes kids lose their minds.

Waiting in line
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Thomas Town at Kennywood is a Little Boy's Dream Come True!

And my son it isn't just your average Thomas fan. It is possible that I have given birth to the biggest Thomas the Train fan to have ever walked the face of the earth. He has Thomas toys, clothes, and even a Thomas tent. He believes in going hard or going home. And he is serious about his Thomas.

Riding the Diesels

Accordingly, when I found out that Kennywood Parks was going to open "Thomas Town", I knew I had to be there for the grand opening and I had to bring my middle son. It was even more special because we were able to spend quality mommy son time together, which is rare.

 Let me tell you, he was so excited when saw Thomas coming down the tracks!

Thomas to the left of me

That made waiting in line easier than it sometimes is. Because he was waiting to ride Thomas the Train, it was as if he was possessed by a child more patient than himself. He had a single goal and riding Thomas was it. For me, the extra time allowed me to check email and take more photos! (The lines were long. So, I highly recommend that parents bring their smartphones. Your patience may not be miraculously transformed by the venue! ;-))

When he was actually able to ride Thomas, it was as if his dream world had come to life. And he had to tell me all about it!

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Thomas the train in front of me

There’s an indoor area complete with a Thomas train table, a life size “habittrail”, and a retail store. It is also covered and has air-conditioning. Those two things made it a welcome relief from the unpredictable, muggy weather that was present on opening day.

If your child is a Thomas the Train fan, I highly recommend that you make the trip. My kid hasn't stopped talking about it!

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Cool thing: The Post Gazette wrote about us and our visit to the park. Super cool! The link is below!

All aboard! Thomas Town is open