How Working Moms Can Tackle the Laundry Monster!

Thinking it would be great if Alexa did laundry.
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..." -
--old Pantene Commercial

When I was a kid, Pantene had a commercial with the above tag line. It doesn't really apply to me, but I have been longing to include it in a post! Mine would be more like, "don't hate me because I appear to have it all together".  People tell me they think I have it all together and I laugh because they should know that they should have learned long ago that everything that glitters isn't gold. Also, everything that I have or appear to have is the result of hard work, very hard work.

Below is one secret to my success...

How I Tackle the Laundry Monster!

One of the most common questions I get online and in person is "how do you manage all of the laundry"?! I have three kids under eight. So, it's a very legitimate question.  It is unlike the illegitimate, insulting, very annoying questions that all go something like, "how can you possibly leave your kids and go to work every day?!" question. Anyway, I digress, I'll write about that some other time. 

As it relates to tackling the laundry monster, I have learned some things. First, laundry is like the definition of a mandatory yet mundane task. It has to get done, but it can be absolutely soul sucking. If you want to learn how to do your laundry and protect your soul, click below!