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Random Acts of Kindness: Present given to co-worker

A co-worker lost her mother recently. I contemplated giving her flowers, but in true Chaton fashion, time got away from me. Here it was 4 weeks later and I hadn't given her any flowers. What to do?!

Well luck sometimes makes your life very easy. I ran into my co-worker at TJMaxx one day and she was looking for a particular purse, which she never found. As luck would have it, I found the purse at another TJ Maxx a couple of weeks later.

Given the price of flowers, the purse seemed like a great deal. So, I gave her the purse with the following note:

"I was going to give you flowers, but those fade so fast. So, I decided to give you something that was built to last. Your assistance is always valuable. And your stories give me a lift. So please accept sincerely, this humble gift. May God continue to provide you with strength during this difficult time."

The look on her face was priceless. She was truly surprised. And I was happy to be able to give her something that would be a constant reminder that people are out there to support her, even when she doesn't expect it.
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