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Wordless Wednesday (not really): Discovering Evereve a/k/a My Trip to Galleria Mall (Part 2) #Momspiration

Evereve  (Loved this multicultural advertisement) Last weekend, I had an amazing experience. I ventured out to the Galleria Mall for the Winter Expo I had been invited as a blogger to promote the event. However, while I was at the mall I had a an incredible shopping experience. Imagine walking into a clothing store and being greeted by a sales clerk who asks your kids if they'd like to play. She then proceeds to lead them to a play table and they amuse themselves for over 30 minutes, in eyesight, while you peacefully shop. This is not a fantasy mommy friends.  This is  Evereve .

A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: It was a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good! Anybody who has kids understands that it is important to keep them stimulated. One way to do that is find out about interesting events going on and attend those that make sense. Recently, we went shopping for shoes and attended an event. Shopping trips with two children under four are adventures On Saturday, we went to Marshall’s, otherwise known as my second home. Our goal was to buy shoes for the toddler, but we got a few more things too. If you haven’t gone shopping with an infant and a toddler, you haven’t lived! The kids were fairly well behaved for most of the trip and I got cocky. I perused the lingerie, the clothes and the skincare items. I made a rookie mommy mistake and I deserved what I got. This photo isn't from the shopping trip described below, but it does reflect the general personality of my toddler...

A Peek in the Life of a Working Mom: The End of the School Year

I know that parents have been raising children for centuries. Knowing that makes me no less amazed about our daughter's transformation throughout the past school year . The First Year of Preschool Has Been An Incredible Journey I was anxious last September about sending my daughter to preschool. She had been the apple of our eye, a coddled infant who had the benefit of one-on-one care. Sending her to a place where there were 16 other children and only two staff, having to get her ready every morning, and not receiving multiple reports about her day gave me pause.  Day before preschool started As with most milestones in my life, I chronicled my thoughts and journey about my daughter starting preschool on this blog, My Daughter is Starting Preschool Tomorrow . I was even able to learn enough about my experienced that I wrote a piece to help other parents survive the transition to preschool at  Seven Steps to Surviving the Transition to Preschool .   The Jour

Comments by a Working Mom: We Cannot Dismiss Boomer Esiason's Comments About Daniel Murphy's Paternity Leave

“There’s no crying in baseball!” Tom Hanks, “A League of Their Own” In a "League of Their Own", Tom Hanks said, "There's no crying in baseball." He might be right about that, but baseball is not without controversy. In 2011, Major League Baseball began offering players three days off for paternity leave. While three days is by no means super generous, it is noteworthy.   Baseball is an industry that is driven by statistics and performance. And the MLB decided that it was worth the investment in family to provide its players with paternity leave. In so doing, it is ahead of many other organizations and this country.   Despite having this policy, apparently, players who take advantage of this leave do so at the risk of their reputations.   Taking paternity leave can be controversial