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Working Mom Tip: Save BIG on Pampers Easy Ups Trainers

We are in the throes of potty training. My daughter has good days and days when she smears poopy all over her crib during her naps... It has happened more than once. That's a tale for a another day though. While we are waiting for the potty training thing to stick, we'll rely on Pampers Easy Ups at bedtime and naptime. They are reliable and have Dora the Explorer on them. What's not to like?! In case you also rely on Pampers in your house, here's a great coupon! $1.50 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers : This is a sponsored post. Related articles 8 Potty Training Tips That Really Work ( Parental Tips for Common Potty Training Problems (

A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Enjoying a Heat Wave

For most of my adult life I have lived in the South. I attended The University of Virginia , The University of South Carolina , and lived in North Carolina for years. First, I lived in Charlotte , and then I lived in Raleigh . Then eight years ago, I exchanged Carolina blue skies for a life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . It’s been a good move, but I always regret it in the winter. Indeed, when I first moved here people kept asking me, “Why did you move here?!” Apparently, nobody is making that trade.   For decades, there has been a steady flow of Northerners moving South. When you spend your entire life in the north you dream about more mild winters. And when you live in Pittsburgh, you constantly long for blue skies. I had a steady supply of good weather in North Carolina and I gave it all up. Life is more than sunny days though. At least that’s what I tell myself… What Pittsburgh lacks in good weather, it makes up for in charm. What Pittsburgh lacks in good weather, it ma

My iPad Ate My Blog Entry...

As you know, I love my iPad2 , but it is not perfect.  For some reason that I can't understand it deletes my blog entries that I have saved for later review. Here's what happens. I create an entry in advance on a PC and save it.  When I enter my blog using my iPad with the intent of publishing the post, it has disappeared. Then, when I use a PC to try to read the post, it isn't there either.  It is as if the iPad goes in and plays a practical joke on me.  I can tell you that it's not funny. Yesterday I had a post about saving $1.50 on Pampers that was witty, timely and practical.  As you can see, the post was not published and my readers were deprived of the coupon savings.  I may just post the coupon without any text. It's not my preference, but I don't want my followers to suffer because of my technical difficulties! I never had a dog as a kid. So, I was never used the "dog ate my homework" excuse.  And I know that excuse is generally disbel

My Baby's Reflux Almost Made Me Lose My Mind

My baby is what they call a happy spitter. After she nurses or takes a bottle she frequently spits up, a lot. During the first couple weeks of her life it was quite frightening. As a somewhat neurotic pregnant woman I had taken every baby preparation class that had been offered by our hospital. While they had mentioned diaper changing, nursing, and bathing, they had not mentioned squat about spitting up . However, having been around my fair share of babies I thought that I understood spit up. So, I failed to ask about it during my classes.

A tip too good to keep to myself...

I am a compulsive shopper , but I am frugal. In the past, that has been a difficult balance to strike. However, today, my luck improved. I met my new cyber best friend, the Coupon Dork. He's the best type of friend. He's always available and has exactly what I need, discount codes and coupons! Because I am not selfish, I'll share him with all of you. If you want to make an internet purchase, find the item, but before you confirm your sale, go to to get a discount code or coupon. He'll hook you up! Happy shopping!!!