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Jon and Kate, the tragedy of divorce...

I watched “ Jon and Kate Plus Eight ” for the first time tonight and I realize why the ratings have plummeted since they announced the divorce. The show was popular because the audience believed that they were in on the joke. Kate was so hard on Jon. She rode him all day long about the tasks he had failed to complete or did wrong. She complained about his failure to use coupons and to dress the children alike. She made the viewers believe that Jon seem was completely incompetent at all tasks. The show only worked when the audience believed that the family was united by love. I totally get why a lot of people don't want to watch the show anymore. If you think that Kate believes the statements she seems cruel. Jon seems abused. The family seems on the brink of destruction. And there is no humor in that. I imagine that the viewers previously felt privileged to have a private view into the intimate aspects of another family. When I watched the show tonight I felt dirty. Jon an