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Today is National Donut Day! (#NationalDoughnutDay2014)

Working moms like to celebrate and like a good deal. The only thing we like even There will always be a place in my heart for donuts, even in this increasingly low carb, no carb, gluten-free world, in which we live.  There are few things that smell or taste better than a hot glazed donut.  Seeing the glaze drip down the pastry is the equivalent of a striptease.  It beckons you, tempts you and begs you to devour it. Most who try to resist fail.  That fact was the basis of Krispy Kreme's entire marketing plan! You Can Get Free Donuts Today

Friday Tip: Free Donuts

If you hadn't heard, today is National Donut Day ! I don't know how I have lived as long as I have and have missed this sacred day.  Although, I am generally a fan of healthful eating, I have never met a sale that I didn't like.  And as everyone knows, free makes everything taste better! Apparently national donut day is not simply an ode to fried pastries that are covered in glaze.  It is a tribute to Salvation Army workers who distributed free donuts to soldiers during World War II . Apparently, the donut is a pastry with a purpose.  Who knew?! The Huffington Post ran an article today listing places where you can get free donuts today. You can access the article through this link: Places to Get Free Donuts!   For those in Pittsburgh , you can honor the holiday at a number of local locations, including Giant Eagle . Giant Eagle is making ALL DONUTS just $2.99 a doz.! It's a cheap way to host a Saturday breakfast if you're having guests.  Also, you can