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Falling in love is contagious...

Apparently my new lease on life is contagious. A friend recently accepted a date with a guy that wasn't her exact type because she asked herself, "What would Chaton do?" As fate would have it, she went out with him and had a great time. My recent experiences have taught me that I missed out on a lot of fun because of my self imposed restrictions. These restrictions covered nearly every area of life--I shouldn't go out on week nights, I shouldn't date anyone who hadn't made similar choices, and I should stop exercising once it felt too hard. I am not committed to doing the opposite of everything I did before. That's as silly as all of those rules. Rather, I am committed to focusing on incorporating more of what I truly enjoy into my life. I have taken some chances. I have gone out on weeknights. I have dated more authentically. And, I have pushed myself athletically. As a result, I have been having a really good ride... I invite all of my friends a