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Apparently neighbors want more than a cup of sugar...

A male friend recently told me that a lesbian couple who lived across the street from asked him to father a child. Ten years ago that would have been noteworthy, but I didn’t blink. I know that Melissa Ethridge’s children were conceived using sperm donated by her friend. So, I assumed the couple simply wanted to use his sperm. He’s nice looking and is the type of man that would probably make a “pretty baby”. So, I only half way listened to the story. Then, he got to the good part. The lesbian couple wasn’t seeking a sperm donation . They were looking for a variation on a common theme. They were seeking good old fashioned “ stud service ”. They asked him to create a baby with them "the old fashioned way". He's good looking, they were feeling him, and they thought that it would be great to tell the child that he/she had been conceived in love. I had to ask the obvious question, “I thought they were lesbians?” Apparently, labels aren't as useful as